September 1, 2012

Goodbye Dark Circles, Hello Bright Eyes!

You’ve tried everything – from cucumber slices kept in the refrigerator to an arsenal of creams and concealers, but you just couldn’t get rid of those pesky dark circles. Well, here’s an easy tip that you’ve probably never heard of:

Instead of applying concealer to the entire area under your eyes, try applying it in an inverted triangle under each of your eyes. Choose a a concealer with a highlighting effect and you’ll soon notice that this is the single, most effective method of camouflaging your dark circles, making your eyes reflect all the light.

This method is used by Trish McEvoy, makeup artist to stars such as Angelina Jolie. And if the woman who makes celebrities look flawless for red carpet events such as the Academy Awards, you’d better take her advice and try this simple trick fro bigger, brighter eyes.

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