August 13, 2013

Glamour 100%: Find Your Perfect Shade Of Red Lipstick

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There are a few details that a woman can employ to ensure that she always makes a memorable appearance – a pair of exquisitely elegant stiletto heels, the perfect lingerie that hugs the sensual curves of the female body in all the right places, and, of course, the perfect shade of red lipstick.

Finding the ideal shade of red amongst the hundreds of options available in beauty stores can be a real hassle, but once you come across it, that perfect tone of red can accompany you throughout your entire life, as a signature element. Here’s how to determine your ideal shade of red:


>> Take into account the rest of your makeup: in most cases, a bold red lip and an intense eye makeup do not make a perfect pair. Go for a bold, opaque formula to go with minimal eye makeup and choose a lighter, sheer formula for when you choose to highlight your eyes instead.

>> Take the season into consideration: matte consistencies look sensational during the cold season, offering the illusion of a dewy, sparkling complexion, in contrast with the matte look of the lips. For summertime, go with a glossy formula, which will look extraordinary paired with a tanned skin, lighting up your entire face.

>> If your teeth are not impeccably white, stay away from orange-based reds, which will only enhance the yellow look of your teeth.

>> Create contrast: a person who has a fair complexion and light eyes and hair colour, will look better wearing bright, orange-based reds, while a brunette with brown or black eyes and dark complexion will look good in deeper shades of red.


>> Pay attention to lip volume: Dark shades minimise, while bright shades will make lips appear fuller.

>> Determine the undertones of your skin and take this aspect into consideration when choosing a red lipstick: blue-based reds (cool shades), will work best for people with cool undertones, while someone with skin that has warm undertones will find that an orange-based red (warm shade) will work best to complement their complexion. Neutral undertones may go for the classic, firetruck red.

>> Try multiple shades of red (Be careful to avoid infections – Never test store products that have not been disinfected) and determine which shade highlights your eyes more.


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