July 12, 2011

Girls night out at Ritz Bar and Pershing Hall

Don’t really feel the need to share things about my personal life, but this case is different.
My best friend in Paris (and the best friend anyone can have), Sherren, organized me the most wonderful parties I’ve ever had.

As usual, my birthday finds me in Paris, in the middle of Men’s Fashion Week.
You could say that I couldn’t even hope for a better present ☺ and you are right! Still, life can be even more surprising.
And that’s because I had a party almost every day.

Beginning with the exceptional vertical garden of Pershing Hall and finishing with the classy Ritz Bar.

Thank you everybody for attending the parties and lots of special thanks for Sherren who made all the arrangements!

Girls night out at Pershing Hall, a Parisian destination in itself.

Sherren & Tien-Tien

Estefania, Laura and Natalia planing the next party. In Barranquilla for sure. 😉

Xinzhan, Maryam, Estefania, Laura, Natalia

PeiYu looking from the distance while Amber doesn’t understand why am I the only one having red eyes in all pictures.

A lovely coincidence was that there were two girls to celebrate their birthday in the same day.
Happy birthday Tien-Tien!

And happy birthday Janina! Not the usual birthday cake, but this one is so much better! Still miss it…

Trying to make a reasonable picture before having too many glasses of wine… With me it didn’t worked out.
I have red eyes even in day light. And of course I do, I come from Dracula’s country…

Quick view of the splendid venue.

Moving to Ritz Bar.
Kelly and her gorgeous smile

The girls giving me a kiss. How can you not adore them?!

Jin having a good time with the funniest Jeremy

Girls being charmed by our special guest, Godfrey Deeny

Seriously, don’t know what’s wrong with my eyes. I need photoshop for all pictures. :))
Or maybe Jean-Paul’s sun glasses would help more…

Love this picture! All the boys next to me…

PeiYu, Cam-Phuong & Kery

Late dinner with Ludovic, Sherre, PeiYu, Jeremy and Jean-Paul.

Sherren doesn’t look too happy with her “tete de veau”.  A masculine  dish, as the waiter kept saying to the girls.

.. and I cannot blame her! 🙂 PeiYu finds it funny though. Don’t know if it’s because of the taste or because of the waiter.

Even my dinner is like a dessert.
I just shocked the French waiter by asking melon and fruity macrons at the same time. Horrifying for the waiter, delicious for me!

I will end up with a serious picture.

I promised not to show the ones where people were loosing control on the dance floor. 🙂