June 27, 2013

Giorgio Armani Menswear – A Romantic Story In Suave Pastels

Italy Fashion Giorgio Armani

A romantic atmosphere took over the runway of Giorgio Armani’s signature Menswear collection for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2014 season. Slim-fit suits in the most elegant and masculine shades of navy white and gray, were alternated with soft pieces. Jackets with peplum-inspired waists, adorned with buckles at the back, three-piece suits in suave shades of powdered pink and nude, as well as a myriad pastels in the form of knitwear as lightweight as a summer evening’s air, invaded the runway, telling a story of romance.

The Armani man isn’t afraid to mix subtle elements borrowed from the female wardrobe into his own, precisely in order to highlight its masculinity, and Signore Armani made this possible in his S/S collection, in the most graceful of manners.

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Photos courtesy of: wwd.com, startribune.com

Video courtesy of: youtube.com