January 22, 2014

Giorgio Armani has reconquered Paris. Armani Privé One Night Only Paris

Armani Privé

Instrumental music with modern inflexions, black and white imagery and editing cuts that are bold and precise.

It is about Loïc Prigent’s short films dedicated to Giorgio Armani Privé Paris 2014 and, equally, about the style of Armani. And dedicated is also the right word. As Prigent invites, with a subtlety and awe faithful to the man, designer and event he observes, to the knowing and loving of all things Armani.

The couture creator, his universe and the ideas, details, sequins and people that populate it, as well as the city where he shows the world the fruit of his imagination and relentless work.

Giorgio Armani. Armani Privé. Haute couture. Paris. Armani One Night Only Paris. An artist at work, seen through the lens of an art cinematographer.

If you want to see the Armani Privé show, access armani.com/live. And if you wish to immerse yourself deeper in the behind the scenes, for interviews, photos and bits of subjectivity from director Loïc Prigent and not only him, follow the hashtag #OneNightOnlyParis.

Monsieur Armani is in Paris by Loïc Prigent

The couturier is at work by Loïc Prigent

Casting has begun by Loïc Prigent

Armani and Haute Couture by Loïc Prigent

Armani about Paris by Loïc Prigent


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Photo: Armani