October 25, 2013

Giorgio Armani Day in New York. Love New York’s Armani, love Armani’s New York

Giorgio Armani Day New York #onenightonlynyc

Yesterday, a 37 year old love story has been festively celebrated. It is the strong, altogether special bond between Armani and New York, honoured by the proclamation of October 24th, Giorgio Armani Day.

The love story between Armani and Barney’s, where all these years ago he first came to America, between Armani and Saks Fifth Avenue where a trunk show was organised back in 1979 with the 400 people invited flooded by more than 4 000, and between him and Bloomingdale’s, these days dedicating its windows exclusively to Armani #onenightonlynyc.

Giorgio Armani Day New York #onenightonlynycGiorgio Armani Day New York #onenightonlynyc

And the love stories he shares with Farrah Fawcett, Jodie Foster or the stars at the Met Galas.

Giorgio Armani Day New York #onenightonlynycGiorgio Armani Day New York #onenightonlynyc

Those between Giorgio Armani and the ’’electrifying mix of humanity’’ on the streets of New York City, between Armani and the unmistakable skyline of the metropolis telling him ’’endless stories’’.

Just as master Armani himself has thanking the mayor’s decreeing of Giorgio Armani Day, ’’Only in America things like these are made possible: if you work hard, then you get your merits, in public.’’

I feel tempted to end here, with this simple yet spectacular story in my mind, with the words of New Yorkers in my soul and with a final dot provided by the Nude limited edition, how else but, like an Armani signature – ’’a sensation, more than a colour’’.

Giorgio Armani Day New York #onenightonlynyc Nude limited edition

A sensation of weightlessness and a reality of elegance. If you’re in New York this weekend, the celebrations of Giorgio Armani continue until Sunday, with the remarkable exhibition of design and photography Eccentrico – Superpier, Hudson River Park, 15th street, West Side Highway.

How I wish I’d be there! But you can share your unique Armani New York experience using the #eccentrico and #onenightonlynyc hashtags, even if you’re just visiting one of the designer of the day’s – for some, the designer of every day – 10 favourite spots in the city.

Giorgio Armani Day New York #onenightonlynyc #eccentrico


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Photos: Armani