June 12, 2012

Gianni Versace’s Opulent $125 Million Mansion Up For Sale

The luxurious 10-bedroom, 11-bathroom Miami Beach mansion that once belonged to designer Gianni Versace is currently back on the market. The price tag? A hefty $125 million.


Following the July 1997 shooting which resulted in Gianni’s death on the steps of this very house, the propriety was put up for sale and eventually landed into the hands of billionaire Peter Loftin, who bought it a year later for $19 million. He then converted the mansion into an exclusive members-only club and boutique hotel, where the price for a room is approx. $2,500 a night.


The extravagant villa, named “Casa Casuarina”, only set back Gianni Versace in 1992 by $2.9 million, but the designer wanted to make his home even more lavish and opulent, so he spent $33 million for a “facelift”, which included a golden-tiled kitchen and a 54ft-long mosaic-tiled pool lined with 24-carat gold with a huge Medusa mosaic – the Versace brand logo- in the courtyard.


Due to its intricate frescoes on the walls ceilings, the towering statues and the fact that each room is artistically decorated to a fantasy theme, the grandiose Casa Casuarina has been named “a specimen of architectural brilliance”,



Photos courtesy of: fashionologie.com, fashion.telegraph.co.uk