April 22, 2013

Ghubar Magazine. The glossy experience for a feasting of the eyes and soul

Ghubar Magazine

Ghubar Magazine, the digital magazine, is the prime option to experiencing fashion online in the, probably, most democratic fashion designed so far, and, surely, in an ultra glamorous edition, as aristocratic as it can possibly get!

Ghubar Magazine

The shootings are creative and unbelievably vivid, the trends and looks are accurately and fashion lovingly broken down to basics and styled up to sophistication, while the dosage between Diana Vreeland, Lanvin and Naomi Campbell versus young, new and fresh models, photographers and fashion is just right.

Ghubar Magazine

Dash through the 60 pages of the spring issue of Ghubar Magazine for fashion, style, beauty, music, arts and lifestyle. Pamper your crave for glossy and get it maximized on your tablet or, why not, LCD TV, for Ghubar Magazine innovation in your own terms of high definition visual experience.


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Photo source: Ghubar Magazine