March 27, 2013

Get Rid Of Unsightly Acne Scars


Even if you’re not a teenager anymore, it just so happens that a blemish or two will still appear on your face once in a while. If sadly, despite knowing better, you’ve messed with your blemishes until they’ve become unsightly marks on your face, here’s what to do:

>> Sun exposure makes dark marks even darker, so don’t forget to apply a sun protection cream every time you go outside.

>> Banish light scars with special face creams that contain glycolic and salicylic acids among their ingredients.

>> If you have to deal with not just one, but multiple dark spots on your complexion, consider using a face mask soaked in dark pigment-targeting solution. Don’t rub off the excess product that remains after removing the mask. Massage it instead onto your skin.

>> Use a concealer with vitamin C to hide visible scars and dark spots.

>> Avoid a blemish turning into a scar by not squeezing it. Instead, hide the redness with some eye drops such as Visine and apply a light film of hydrocortisone cream over it until it heals.

>> Don’t forget to cleanse, tone and then apply a hydrating moisturiser to your face every day. This will not only get rid of dark spots, but will also prevent your skin from developing acne.

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