July 18, 2012

Get Fabulous Lashes

Who doesn’t want long, lush, curved lashes that cast the most seductive glances?

For those not so fortunate as to have naturally interminable eyelashes, there is a solution that doesn’t imply two rows of false lashes glued to your eyelids, that risk making you look like a burlesque dancer.

Eyelash extensions are small, synthetic lashes that are individually applied to each of your natural lashes. The procedure is done in professional salons, as it implies a good deal of precision. It can take anywhere from 1h up to 2.5h, but the result is so natural, that it’s almost impossible for somebody to know that you’re wearing extensions.

Here are some DOs & DON’Ts that you need to follow, should you choose to get eyelash extensions:


1. DO remember to make regular appointments for maintenance and touch-ups, once you get extensions. If you plan on keeping your extensions for a long time, you’ll need touch-ups once every two weeks at the beginning, and once a month after a while.

2. DO try to sleep on your back the first night after getting your extensions, so they don’t get messed up.

3. DO remember to gently comb your lashes each morning to avoid clumping and give them a volume boost.

4. DO use an oil-free makeup remover. Try water or gel-based ones.

5. DO take care of your natural lashes, as they are the base that keep your extensions in place. Apply a hydrating serum daily.

6. DO carefully choose the beauty salon where you have your extensions applied and removed. Given that it’s an intricate procedure that implies a great deal of precisions, you need professionals to get the job done.

7. DO make sure that the adhesive used to glue your extensions onto your lashes is fromaldehyde-free. Fromaldehyde is a substance that has recently been deemed toxic for the human body.

8. DO flaunt your fabulous new lashes. Take every chance you get to be seductive.


1. DON’T get your lashes wet during the following 24h after getting the extensions, in order to let the adhesive do its job.

2. DON’T use an eyelash curler. Given that the extensions are applied to each of your natural lashes, if you try to curl them, you risk damaging or even breaking them.

3. DON’T rub your eyes, even when you wash your face.

4. DON’T pull on your extensions or your own lashes. You risk breaking both.

5. DON’T go to the sauna. Steam and excessive heat may weaken the adhesive.

6. DON’T use mascara excessively. If you feel like you must apply it, do it in a single coat and focus on the tips of the lashes.

7. DON’T try to get rid of the extensions yourself. Go to a professional salon to have them removed.

8. DON’T let water from the shower pour directly onto your extensions.

Photos courtesy of: accent-beauty.com, lexiandthegloss.com, nypost.com