May 17, 2013

Genie in a bottle. Celebrity fragrances that perk up the economy

Perfumes truly have the gift of making everyone happy. Of course, the one wearing it, the – ever more often – celebrity whose allure of fame it is making even more dizzying and the cosmetics company writing its growth strategy with a few big names and generous numbers dotted between the lines.

Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift are among the new wave of artists successfully sublimated in a perfume bottle, and this fall Rihanna and Jay Z are to bring onto the market new essences of the kind that, literally, set the fragrance world on fire.

But let’s focus on a few among the names already cast in golden lettering on the side of a crystal bottle, as well as on the qualities of the scents they’ve created in their very own image.

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck

Taylor Swift is lively and young and has been able to shape a musical style all her own up to her as yet tender years of age – from pop country to the Taylor Swift sound. So, Wonderstruck speaks to her fans, probably, about the moment of serendipity when she starts a new song or about falling in love. Taylor wanted it to be a sparkling yet blushing essence, in one word – enchanted. Wonderstruck mixes tones of freesia, green tea, apple blossom and berries.

Justin Bieber Girlfriend

Justin Bieber is amazingly young in his very own right, and his personality also seeps into every drop of his perfume, Girlfriend. Only that he isn’t even remotely as demure or mysterious, but rather head on flirty and inviting. Mandarin, strawberry, jasmine, apricot nectar and musk come off just as extrovert as the not always subtle teenage heartthrob.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is the ideal Californian woman. And her namesake perfume, Jennifer Aniston, certifies all of our idealized assumptions about the American actress’ personality – sensual, fresh and optimistic. Citric, rose water, violet and sandalwood caught in a bottle together with the feel of a sunny day at the beach and the dreamlike quality of a warm summer night.

Kat von D Sinner

Kat von D, just as in real life, comes through as the sweetest mix between Sinner and Saint. And just as her unique talent has anyone jumping to the occasion of having their own skin turned into a work of art, so it is that we find ourselves drawn to her two alter egos. Saint is sweet with vanilla, caramel and flowery tones, while Sinner is intoxicating with orange blossom, jasmine, patchouli and musk.

Lady Gaga Fame

Lady Gaga, the master magic woman – why do witch and wizard have so contradictory reputations? – and celebrity monster herself couldn’t but have us adoring and craving for Fame. The lustful drops are laden with scents of belladonna, incense, honey drops and tiger orchid and shine in the purest of blacks. Once sprayed, they turn invisible in a mysterious extravaganza that only Lady Gaga could have envisioned.

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