September 6, 2013

Gandhi or Washington?

Janina Nectara Bijoux de Famille

Gandhi or Washington? Gandhi or Washington? Now, this is a question I never thought I’d ask. And should it be just between the bills themselves, the choice couldn’t be easier. Yet from among the Bijoux de Famille, it’s just about as difficult as if having both men to choose from, right in front of me!

The Bijoux de Famille designs are so edgy in their combination of modern art with classic delicacy that I wouldn’t even what to do first. Wear them with a pair of ripped jeans, make them part of the inheritance to my children or donate to an arts museum.

Janina Nectara Bijoux de FamilleJanina Nectara Bijoux de Famille

But why widen my dilemma when I haven’t even decided which to pick in the first place? I have to go back to the Gandhi or Washington. No, it’s still too difficult to choose… I’ll let it to you to decide: New York or Mumbai?

Bijoux de Famille Luxembourg Bow Luisa Via Roma

Luxembourg Bow necklace, EUR 275, at Luisa Via Roma

Bijoux de Famille Maharani Luisa Via Roma

Maharani cuff, EUR 325, at Luisa Via Roma

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Photo source: Luisa Via Roma