March 31, 2014

Futuristic, fantastic, Fendi! Iridia, THE eyewear of the summer

The beat of the 2014 warm season is… retro or futuristic… minimal through streamlined shapes and classic colours or rather perceived through the vibrations of a chromatic, zigzags and crystals explosion? Don’t worry, no matter your choice, the beat of 2014 is, invariably, in tune with Fendi Iridia!

Fendi #SS14 eyewear Iridia sunglasses

It’s the new eyewear line who matches the elegance of 2Jours, the pure fendissima in Fendista or the inspired by the iconic bag, Baguette with that type of edge, funk and burning passion for having an accessory be the centrepiece of your every outfit this summer, that is so very Fendi…

Fendi #SS14 eyewear Iridia sunglassesFendi #SS14 eyewear Iridia sunglasses

Fendi #SS14 Luisa Via Roma

Me, in fact, I’ve already started mixing and matching: with a Fendi Saffiano bracelet, EUR 130 at Luisa Via Roma

And the Fendi Iridia sunglasses are now available in the Fendi boutiques and selected stores.


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Photos:, Fendi, Luisa Via Roma