August 11, 2012

Fun In The Sun With SPF Clothing

You are well aware that you’re supposed to apply sunscreen not only when you’re at the beach, but also each and every day when you leave the house. But what do you do when you don’t have the time, when you simply forget or when you’re fed up of reapplying sunscreen each time after you step out of the water?

If up until now your only option was to hide under an umbrella, you should know that there is now another way for you to looks chic under the hot summer sun, without any danger to your skin.

Choose a piece with a cool vibe of ’90s minimalism from the Cover by Lisa Moore collection – the perfect mix between fashion and functionality. Designed to block 98% of UVA/UVB rays without any chemical element, the T-shirts, jackets, cardigans and oh-so-chic maxi dresses from the Cover collection, available at Neiman Marcus, will offer you UPF 50+ protection, along with a super-cool and fresh factor.

And if minimalism isn’t quite your thing, try some of the outfits from the Parasol collection, available at They also offer 50+ UPF protection, with a sporty New England vibe.

With a little bit of flair, you can incorporate Cover and Parasol pieces into everyday outfits, to create a fabulous look that protects you from the hot summer sun even after you’ve left the poolside or the beach.

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