April 15, 2013

Fragrance 101: Your Guide To Finding The Perfect Scent


If you haven’t yet discovered a fragrance to fall in love with, Fashion avec Passion is here to help you find your perfect essence, that will complement both your style and personality.

To find your perfect essence, it is important that you are able to distinguish between the different olfactory groups:

Floral: Romantic and feminine, floral fragrances contain the scent of a single flower (such as jasmine, lotus or rose), or that of a bouquet of varieties.


Try: Marc Jacobs – Daisy, Bvlgari – Mon Jasmin Noir, Gucci – Flora, Hermes – Un Jardin Sur Le Toit

Oriental: Oriental fragrances have a richer, sweeter and more powerful scent, and usually include notes of vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, or other spices that evoke faraway exotic lands.


Try: Yves Saint Laurent Belle d’Opium, Guerlain – Shalimar, Bvlgari – Omnia, Dior – Poison

Cyphre: Cyphre fragrances have citrus top notes, mixed with musk base notes.


Try: Juliette Has A Gun – Mad Madame, Gucci -Gucci Rush, Givenchy – Amarige Mariage, Chanel – Coco Mademoiselle

Green: Green essences have a fresh allure, evoking the aroma of pure nature – freshly cut grass, leafy tree, etc.


Try: Dior-Miss Dior, Hermes – Eau d’Orange Verte, Dior – Diorissimo, DKNY – Be Delicious

Oceanic: Perfumes in this category are characterised by clean & fresh aromas, evoking the scent of the sea.


Try: Davidoff – Cool Water, Kenzo – L’Eau Par Kenzo, Giorgio Armani – Acqua di Gioia, Escada – Marine Groove

Woody: Woody perfumes can have a masculine feel, all the while being feminine as well. This category evokes raw, earthy tones, mixing them with fresh notes.


Try: Guerlain – Vol De Nuit, Dsquared2 – She Wood, Hermes – Voyage d’Hermes, Narciso Rodriguez – Narciso Rodriguez For Her

Fruity: Sweet and fruity aromas evoke the innocence of childhood, doubled by a dose of romanticism, for an effect of absolute femininity.


Try: Escada: Cherry In The Air, Nina Ricci – Nina, Prada – Candy, Estee Lauder – Pleasures Delight

Follow a few simple steps to find you perfect scent:

>> Remember that perfumes don’t focus on a single scent. They have base, middle and top notes.

Base notes are the ones that you can smell after about 45 minutes after the fragrance comes in contact with the skin, and serve as a base to highlight the middle and top notes.

Middle notes are usually the ones making up the main aroma, and can be identified only after the top notes start dissipating.

Top notes are the ones that evaporate the easiest, but are also the ones that you first smell after applying the fragrance.

>> The smell of coffee beans acts like a cleanser for your olfactory receptors. Most perfume stores have small jars of coffee beans available, so use them when testing fragrances, in order to cleanse your receptors from the last scent you’ve tried, so that you may fully identify all the notes of the next one.

>> Test perfumes directly onto your skin, so that the scent can blend into the unique aroma of your skin.

>> Experts recommend waiting up to 45 minutes after you’ve applied perfume to your skin, in order to get a true rendering of what it’s going to smell like when you wear it constantly.

>> If you’re not sure what perfume you want, think of your favourite common scents. Are you mad about trees in bloom, or are you more of a fan of the freshness of the ocean? Start simple when choosing your perfume.

>> Another useful tip for when you’re not sure what perfume best suits you is to choose one that complements your personality. For instance, if you usually prefer minimal makeup, an oriental fragrance, with its rich, heavy scent, most probably won’t click with you.

Marc Jacobs fragrance

Marc Jacobs  EDT 75ml – 50
Bulgari fragrance

Bulgari EDP 75 ml- 56
Hermès fragrance

Hermès EDT 50ml – 75
Gucci fragrance

Gucci  EDT 30ml – 54
Yves Saint Laurent fragrance

Yves Saint Laurent  EDP 50ml – 53
Guerlain fragrance

Guerlain EDP 50 ml – 74
Bulgari fragrance

Bulgari EDP 40 ml – 54
Christian Dior fragrance

Christian Dior EDT 50 ml – 53
Juliette Has A Gun fragrance

Juliette Has A Gun  EDP 100 ml – 110
Amarige Mariage - Givenchy Parfums : Soins, Parfums, Maquillage

Givenchy  EDT 100ml – 70
Chanel fragrance

Chanel  EDP 100ml – 112
Gucci Rush

Gucci  EDT 50 ml – 54

Dior EDT 50 ml – 67
Hermès fragrance

Hermès  Eau de cologne 40 ml – 51
Christian Dior fragrance

Christian Dior  EDP 50 ml – 64
DKNY fragrance

DKNY  EDP 50 ml – 53
Giorgio Armani fragrance

Giorgio Armani  EDP 50 ml – 65
Kenzo fragrance

Kenzo  EDT 50 ml – 43
Davidoff fragrance

Davidoff  EDT 50 ml – 40
escada marine groove

Escada  Price upon demand
Guerlain fragrance

Guerlain  Price upon demand
Dsquared2 fragrance

Dsquared2  EDP 50 ml – 65
Hermès fragrance

Hermès  EDT 100 ml – 98
Narciso Rodriguez fragrance

Narciso Rodriguez  EDT 125 ml – 78
Escada fragrance

Escada  EDT 30 ml – 29
Estée Lauder fragrance

Estée Lauder  EDP 50 ml – 43
Nina Ricci fragrance

Nina Ricci  EDT 50 ml – 46

Prada  EDP 30 ml – 64
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