November 4, 2013

Forever young… no matter the age. The world’s first royal jelly treatment, from Guerlain

Guerlain Abeille Royale

If you’re also persuaded that nature is a truly inexhaustible source of happiness and beauty – I am – and have also decided to turn this somewhat philosophical observation into practical measures, with masks and treatments and all, then you should know that before us came the emperors of China, the ingenious creators of thousands of natural beautifying recipes and, joining nature with technology, Guerlain.

The Abeille Royale line is one of the main traditional – the pleonasm is intentional – legends of the maison to the French kings!

This is due to honey’s always being the queen of natural remedies and therapies, and her property of covering the skin in a repairing, nourishing and health and glow generating light second skin-like layer being taken up to the level of a science in the Guerlain laboratories.

Among daytime and evening crèmes, serums and oils, all with exceptional results, the recent Guerlain innovation, the first royal jelly treatment for the skin already has its rightful place in my beauty routine. Maybe – I hope – it’s not yet necessary! It is, nonetheless, an intensive youth treatment – but, I tell you, at any age, the results are just splendid!

Guerlain royal jelly


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Photos: Guerlain