September 20, 2014

Flowers at heart, loving spring-summer 2015 by Blumarine

Who knew there are so many types of flowers? Obviously, the one who also knows how to make them wearable. Somewhat like a token of inner beauty exchanging energies with natural wonder and resulting in painterly beautiful fashion.

Blumarine spring summer 2015 #MFW MFW #SS15 #Blumarine

Anna Molinari for Blumarine! Spring, summer are seasons intrinsically linked with nature and happiness, but it takes imagination and craft to be able to let yourself be inspired rather than overwhelmed and create something that is just as beautiful as the inspiration, without competing or clashing with it.

And such is Blumarine’s collection. Like a breeze: tunic, shirt and column dresses, they are all tender replicas of the shape they clothe and white canvasses for the floral fireworks they are meant to hold. The shapes and colours of these stencilled, sown or appliquéd flowers range from delicately white, beige and blue to impetuous explosions of orange and mauve chrysanthemums, or stunning turquoise vine-like leaves numbers. All details that are a joy to behold!

Blumarine spring summer 2015 #MFW MFW #SS15 #Blumarine

Blumarine spring summer 2015 #MFW MFW #SS15 #Blumarine

Do you want to zoom in on the Blumarine spring-summer bouquet? Watch the show. It was live from Milan on #FashionavecPassion.


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Photos:,, Blumarine