March 4, 2015

The style high of the fashion minimum: Anteprima FW15

What is to be expected from a Japanese designer with a love for Italian styling? Creativity, of course. But an altogether special breed of creativity. One, at a first glance, contained. And one that ends up revealing itself as an exploration of what the two design-loving nations have in common: fashion for ’’a modern woman with an appreciation for timeless luxury and contemporary style’’ – Anteprima.

Anteprima FW15

Truly, in the luxuriousness of the fabrics and the scantiness of decorations you can read Italian inclination for the best and Japanese minimalism. But it would be a mistake to interpret Izumi Ogino’s designs in just these two keys. Especially since her collections have highly personal and inspirational mantras. This season’s is ’’Be gentle and elegant and womanly
this fall and winter.’’ The designer has called the set Geranium Power. So, fittingly, the most extravagant pieces of the collection were her sepia and black&white geraniums on black silk dresses and skirts. Statements of the strength simple elements: a flower, almost non-colours, good fabrics and well-engineered shapes can have when put together. A point made even louder and clearer by her design staples: milky white, grey and navy cigarette trousers, wavy long skirts and turtlenecks with ample yet fitted A-line coats.

Anteprima FW15

I invite you to watch (video below) the amazing highlights of Milan Fashion Week F/W 2015-2016 broadcasted for Observator Special, the most loved TV Show on Antena 1 TV! For the feature’s full English transcript click here!

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