March 8, 2013

Find Your Perfect Wedding Dress!


Choosing a wedding dress can prove to be quite a complicate endeavour – you want to look absolutely sensational on your wedding day, don’t you? Here are a few simple pieces of advice that can serve as guidance in your quest to find the perfect dress:

For petite silhouettes:

>> Avoid ample ball gowns so that you don’t get lost in a heap of fabric. Go instead for a fitted style. If however you dream of a princess gown, forgo the voluminous skirt in favour of an A-line model.

>> Stay away from drop waists, as they make your legs appear shorter.

>> A fit-and-flare dress gives the illusion of height.

For curvy silhouettes:

>> Celebrate your curves in a dress with an accentuated waist.

>> A-line dresses flatter any type of silhouettes, enhancing the body’s natural hourglass shape.

>> If the abdomen isn’t the part that you’re trying to hide, and if you want to highlight your natural curviness, go for a mermaid style gown.

>> Draping can do wonders to hide any parts that you do not wish to put on display.


For androgynous silhouettes:

>> Add curves with ample skirts, diagonal draping, sweetheart necklines or V-necks.

>> Dresses with full, voluminous skirts will make you look and feel exactly like a fairytale princess.

For busty silhouettes:

>> Balance out a prominent bust with an ample skirt and an accentuated waist.

>> If you want to go strapless, make sure that the neckline isn’t cut straight across, as this enhances the shape of your bust.

>> For extra support along with a sensual allure, opt for a one-shouldered style.

>> If you wish to showcase your décolletage, all the while keeping an elegant air, go for an illusion neckline with lace embroidery on transparent tulle.


Smart tips:

Make sure you wear an appropriate attire when you go searching for your wedding dress, whether you’re browsing stores or going for a fitting at a designer’s atelier. The best option is a simple dress that you can easily get in and out of, as you will probably have to do so many times that day. You’ll definitely get sick quickly of wedding dress shopping when you’ll know that each time you find a gown you like you have to do and undo an endless row of buttons on your own dress in order to try it on.

Also, don’t forget to bring along a pair of high heeled shoes, similar to the ones you’re planning on wearing on your wedding day, so that you can have an idea of what your dress will look like with them. Most stores do have spare shoes that you can try on, but you’ll feel more comfortable in your own footwear.

Last but not least, make sure you wear appropriate lingerie. Given the fact that lots of wedding gowns have corset bodices or other bells and whistles that need to be handled up by somebody else that yourself, a second person will most likely join you in the fitting room. By wearing the right lingerie, not only will you eliminate the risk of any awkward moments, but you will also get a good idea of how the dress embraces your body, according to, say, the type of bra that you choose to wear on your wedding day.

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