February 5, 2013

Do You Know How To Find The Right Sports Bra?


No matter whether you’re an active person who prefers a couple of hours of aerobics or a bike ride, or your preference is towards exercising in a calmer manner, such as through Yoga or long walks, what you always need to be careful of before engaging in any type of workout is choosing the right bra.

Cooper’s ligaments, the ligaments which sustain the breasts, giving them their shape and position, once stretched, can never naturally go back to their initial state. Using the right sports bra to support your breasts, especially during physical activities, considerably lowers the risk of the ligaments stretching, also minimising the stress on the breast tissue.

The first rule of choosing the right sports bra is establishing the type of activity it will be used for. This may be done according to the level of impact implied by the workout:

>> Low-impact activities feature walking at a moderate pace, cycling, swimming, Yoga, stretching and wight training.

>> Medium-impact activities include hiking, skiing, snowboarding or skating.

>> High-impact activities include running, aerobics or mountain biking.


When choosing the right bra, it is also important to keep in mind breast size:

Compression bras, recommended for sizes A and B, restrict breats movement by compressing them against the chest wall and are especially good for low and medium-impact activities. They may also be used for medium or high-impact exercises, for which a racerback model is the best choice.

compression bras

Compression/encapsulation bras are recommended for C and D cup sizes, thanks to the extra support that they offer, and are suitable for any kind of activity.

compression-encapsulation bras

Encapsulation bras are recommended for D and DD sizes, and have individual cups which encapsulate each breast separately, for better support. This type of bras don’t offer any compression, but are suitable for medium and high-impact activities.

encapsulation bras

A secret trick: Remember that sports bras are supposed to be a little bit tighter than regular ones, but if when you take them off, you notice marks on your skin, it means that you’ve picked a size that is too small. Always try on a bra before buying it and just to be sure, move a bit, or even take a few jumps in it, to check how comfortable it fits.

Now that you know how to choose your perfect sports bra according to your breast size and activity preference, let yourself be seduced by our super-adorable picks in joyful colours, that will definitely add some fun to your workout:


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