April 10, 2013

Find Out How To Part Your Hair According To Your Face Shape

How do you style your hair? Do you usually go for a centre part or a side part? You can of course experiment with various styles, but here are the ones that will most effectively highlight your natural features:

If you have an oval face


An oval face shape , like Emma Stone’s, can be sweetened with the help of a side part, which optically ”cuts” the face.

If you have a round face


A round face can be visually elongated with a centre part, which will draw attention to vertical lines.

If you have a heart-shaped face


If you have a heart-shaped face, just like Reese Witherspoon, the part that you’re most likely to want to downplay is your forehead. Go for a side part to do this.

If you have a square face


In order to sculpt a square-shaped face and offer the illusion of an oval shape, choose a centre part, which will help elongate your features.

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Photos courtesy of: wykop.pl, wallshd.net, myhairstyle.info, blog.seniorennet.be