March 19, 2012

Fight hair loss. Now.

Lack of vitamins during the winter, hormonal and weather changes, can make you loose a lot of hair at the beginning of each spring. You shouldn’t panic if you loose less than one hundred hairpieces; this is a completely normal situation. If the number is bigger than this, then you should ask yourself some questions.

Hair may fall also because of stress, excessive fatigue, due to a poor diet, pollution, smoking or dust. The explanation is simple: when hair is less oxygenated ages faster, loses power, brilliance, and eventually falls.

What can really help you is eating healthy, and this means having meals consisting of proteins, fats and vitamins. Hair is alive and needs nourishment to look good, just like skin. Among the most important foods for its resistance is red meat. It contains fatty acids that produce keratin, a substance present in the hair, responsible for its vitality.

Another reason why your hair may fall abundantly is that you wash it too rare. Scalp sebum and pollution clogs the pores and inhibits the hair to oxygenate, so doctors recommend that you wash it twice a week. Brush it every night and rub it for a few minutes, massage activates blood circulation and makes hair grow faster.