November 22, 2012

Festive make-up ideas, inspired from the catwalk

Holidays are almost here, and this is a good opportunity for you to try some new make-up. As an inspirational source, you can take a look at the catwalk, and see what are the make-up artists and designer’s suggestions. Here are a couple of pairings that will take you out of the ordinary:


Vampy Lips vs. Nude Eyes

Wear sexy burgundy lips and bare eyes, to warm the cold nights. To recreate a Gucci look, draw a perfect contour of your lips, and then add an intense lipstick. Coat your eyes with mascara, and use a white pencil inside the eye, for an ethereal look.



Sculpted Cheeks vs. Sheer Eyes

Play with your bone structure and contour your cheeks in a deep rose shade, as seen at Chanel, or try a matte bronze, if your complexion is darker. Use a metallic shimmer to accentuate the eyes, and keep the lips in a neural zone: just a nude lipstick will do it.




Red Lips vs. Smoky Eyes

Don’t listen to the voices that say red lips don’t go well with smoky eyes. Jean Paul Gaultier is the perfect example of the opposite. Dare to try a matte lipstick and pair it with a smudged dark color and a flawless complexion.



Metallic Eyes vs. Nude Lips

Spice up your look with a metallic eye shadow, to get a dramatic effect, perfect for a night out. Mix it with a nude lipstick, as seen on Roberto Cavalli’s catwalk.



Graphic Eyeliner vs. Nude Lips

Try the Marc Jacobs makeup look, and concentrate on the eyeliner. Make it as architectural as you can, by drawing perfect lines, and exaggerate the endings. Soften your lips with a tinted moisturizer.