November 25, 2012

Ferrari – Red Party on Black Friday

It is well known as the most famous name in Formula 1 and, consequently, the producer of the most desirable cars in the world, but Ferrari is more than that. It is a whole Universe that can give you the lifestyle of your dreams. An exuberant one, ardent and passionate, just like the famous red car.

Ferrari designers have decided that you can access the exciting world of adrenaline and racing cars even if you don’t have such a jewelry in your garage. Thus, in order to reunite all the elements of an “italiano vero” lifestyle, Ferrari stores provide you sophisticated products, marked by the symbol of the sparkling emotion given by hundreds of horsepower.

Specially for Ferrari, in Bucharest, Black Friday turned into Red Friday. During which Forza Rossa, Ferrari’s importer and partner in Romania, organized for the Ferrari enthusiasts an exclusive party, followed by a fashion show.

Yet to beat the New Year gong, the Ferrari 2013 collection is already in the Bucharest store, and I was among the privileged ones who saw it in advance. The shop’s offer is much more varied, especially as Ferrari Store Bucharest is the second largest Ferrari store in Europe, after the one in Milan.

Besides the chic women’s collection, whose strong point is the Cavallino shirt line,  polo shirts, sweaters and Bomber rain jackets predominant for men. My favorite pics – neckties and the amazing shoes made in collaboration with the Italian brand Tod’s – one of the most appreciated in terms of accessories.

The Ferrari Store can be considered a family store. Here you will find all sorts of funny toys, because children have not been forgotten. The little ones can  enjoy school articles marked with the famous prancing horse, colorful cars and even Teddy bears, dressed as Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa (who wants to be Batman or James Bond, when we have super-pilots?)

I came back from the party extremely excited by my new notebooks, folders and Ferrari shoes by Tod’s (just not a fan Tod’s nothing).

You need to go to the Ferrari store! A lot of surprises and gift ideas await you. Just have a look for yourself!