April 19, 2012

Living in the spotlight is expensive

The need to be in the spotlight may be the reason for why some people feel the need to buy expensive things from luxury brands.

According to an U.S. study published by dailynews.com, it seems that women who feel neglected tend to buy products from famous brands.

Researchers from the University of Houston-Clear Lake and Texas wanted to see if there is a link between social exclusion and the influences on people’s spending habits.

When they feel marginalized, women spend money on expensive clothes because they want to be sure they are noticed. It is a way of attention seeking and a need to reaffirm their sense of belonging in society. This applies only if the women feel ignored.


PS: Of course, this is only one explanation for this phenomenon called shopping as therapy. I am not a psychologist, but shopping seems to me like a wonderful “treatment”. If it pushes drinks, drugs and other  drastic refuges out of fashion, then not only that I don’t see any problem in it, but I also promote it, because it feels damn good and with no second effect besides the empty cards. Trust the specialist! 😉