August 6, 2013

Fear not, fall’s going to be ablaze with colour. Jonathan Saunders is here

Jonathan Saunders fall 2013

No, fear not! We don’t just have a couple of months for delighting in sheer dresses and ravishing colours. Jonathan Saunders, the master of prints, has lying in wait a fall dotted with sensory overdrive.

Black lace with turquoise intarsias, sweet transparency tight in lacquered leather – contrasts between colours, textures, sensations and intentions in a frenzy worthy of a season of ravishing fashion.

Bordeaux and mustard, floral decorations and A line skirts, feminine against the raw boldness of black lacquer. Intense! Are you joining me, Madonna, Kylie Minogue and Michelle Obama for the thrilling wait for autumn and the stores inauguration of the Jonathan Saunders collection?

For now, I am further persuading myself that next to Saunders there is no such thing as a less than fantastic season – at Yoox, Style Bop and Matches Fashion.


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Photo source: Jonathan Saunders