March 14, 2012

Fashionistas’ Bags Steal The Spotlight At The Chanel Show

It may be true that the models’ eyebrows for the Chanel Fall show were adorned with crystals, but they certainly weren’t the only thing to sparkle. Off the record and off the runway, our eyes were drawn by the amazing collection of Chanel bags that the women invited were wearing, just like models sans catwalk.

Andreea Macri, the founder of artistic photography website and Fashion Director for The One Magazine captured in photos the most stylish bags that owners proudly showed off at the Chanel show, held during Paris Fashion Week.

As tradition goes, people invited to a show usually wear at least a piece created by the respective brand, as a sign of appreciation. Thus, fashionistas raided their closets and pulled out their precious Chanel bags. Because what accessory can better complement an outfit than the purses with metallic chains interwoven with fine leather, that have been elegantly resting on the shoulders of fashion lovers for decades?!

Be it brand new, coming from the latest collection, vintage or even limited edition, each purse photographed by Andreea Macri takes us into the exclusive world of Paris fashion shows.
A world of excellence in fashion, as in photography as well, illustrated here through Andreea’s lenses.

•    A vintage bag in black leather, with a simple and classic design, perfectly encapsulating the House’s refined style, with a golden clasp bearing the mark of passing time still reading Chanel Paris.
•    A bag in a mix of wool and snakeskin with an ultra-glam metallic tint. A golden chainmail purse paired with an all-black outfit. Another with pearl and Camelia appliqués, the symbol of the Chanel House.

•    Quilted bags and a myriad of interpretations of the classic 2.55, in blinding gold, metallic silver, blue crocodile skin and even a surprising number with stripes that gave the impression that the bag’s owner left it on a park bench that had fresh paint on it and then went on wearing it with the grace and nonchalance that only Coco herself could pull off.

We’re not even sure which one to admire and which one to crave. For even more options, visit

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