April 5, 2013

Fashion, youth and initiative, all for charity

AISB Charity Fashion Show

Fashion shows always have halls packed and overflowing with people from the industry and journalists. But when on the runway are young enthusiasts and the aim of the entire evening is a charitable one, not only will the audience be teeming with the same interest from fashion people and the press, but it will prove to be to small for all those eager to bring their contribution to the noble cause.

For the fourth edition of the AISB Charity Fashion Show set up and organised by high school students – Ana Maria Geoană, Michelle Ciubuc, Anca Economu, Diana Gherasim and Ana Teodorescu – Asociaţia Speranţa pentru Sănătate/the Hope for Health Association benefited, for the children at the Victor Babeş Hospital in Bucharest, from the will to help of the young philanthropists and the generosity of the participants.

Over EUR 10 000 have been raised, from tickets and donations, while the public gathered representatives of the Romanian public scene – athletes and politicians among others – Ilie Năstase, Mihaela and Mircea Geoană, Mihai Morar, Cristiana and George Copos, as well as the great majority of the proud parents and teachers.

For the remarkably young team aggregated around Ana Maria Geoană, the satisfactions have been many. The more than 600 people attending the event have meant, above all, the possibility of another chance for the children the entire effort has been dedicated to. The satisfaction and success of bringing a real contribution through their own work have also been overwhelming.

Furthermore, it is exactly this success, doubled by the enthusiastic impressions expressed by the participants, that have strengthened their confidence and made them hope for many other charitable events to come, events they wish to be at least just as productive for the chosen cause as this Charity Fashion Show has been. From now on, they’ll not only be having a youthful driving force behind them, but also sound experience.


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Photo source: AISB Charity Fashion Show