October 22, 2013

Fashion week? Often applause and, sometimes, contagious laughter

Victoria’s Secret finale

You know that saying on professional errors? Something like as long as we’re not doctors, everything should have a solution? Still, there are a few more amendments to it – if were we to be the managers of a stocks portfolio, the mending of our error might take (us) a few millions, while should we be runway models, it sure would be met with either unstoppable laughter or with frowning faces and outstretched hands grasping to hold us through the critical moments/steps.

And since we couldn’t possibly focus on a subject so intense as stock market investments, let’s better watch a little video. And – yes! you’ve guessed what it’s all about – among tears and the impulse of giving them a hand or shoulder to lean on, let’s not forget thinking twice about the altitude designers sometimes require of their models! And let’s hope that from now on all shows all finish with the euphoria at a Victoria’s Secret finale – or, if you’ve also enjoyed the clip, maybe not exactly always…


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Photos: jeanbaptisteverguin.net