July 13, 2015

Love fashion, love food @ Taste of Runway

When I discovered TasteofRunway.com, I just couldn’t stop watching, admiring and sighing! And, as this post is able to prove more than enough, I equally couldn’t keep from saving for a rainy day in dire need of some paradise icing one or 30 appetising looks and corresponding savoury recipes!

As this is, in fact, what Anna Marconi’s blog actually is – ’’a story of happiness, between an outfit and a recipe’’ says she and a step closer to nirvana I’d say. In Anna’s Pinterest catalogue-cum-cooking book are the very ingredients of a kind of ecstasy known to many of us: labelled by designers, seasons or colours, in categories such as starters, first courses, side dishes, desserts, cocktails and even amazingly high fashion soups, are hallucination-inducing matches between Blumarine and ricotta cheese with pineapple mousse, Burberry Prorsum and layered soft sponge cake with milk chocolate and coffee cream, Dior and The Smoothie of Love, Dolce & Gabbana and avocado cream with violets, Gucci and beetroot risotto, Louis Vuitton and fried lotus flowers, Moschino and Pommes Duchesse or Oscar de la Renta and… spaghetti with julienne cut zucchini flavoured with truffle oil! And I didn’t draw to a close before Armani, Carolina Herrera or Alexander McQueen and red prawns marinated in Campari with a lavender and blueberry mojito (Blumarine and Burberry respectively, if you just needed to know) for any other reason than intently heading into the kitchen…

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Photos: Taste of Runway