September 2, 2013

Fashion trends dictating the European economic mood? Ferragamo is, with flying colours!

The luxury quality of Italian artisanship has the power of changing just about any mood into optimism, and a visit at Salvatore Ferragamo has, even more so, the capacity of turning just about anyone into a life-loving happy man. I speak from experience. Just spare a glance at these examples from the blissfully-coloured fall collection!

ferragamo collage 2

But it must be, I then suddenly realised, that all of this confidence and enthusiasm thanks to a not-so-simple bag that is able to paint the future in pink sunrise colours is also quantifiable in a more accurate way than women’s smiles.

And you know what? It is! Executive and consumer economic confidence in the euro zone is at its highest level since March 2012! Could we deduce that there’s an underlying correlation between the runways of the fall-winter 2012/2013 collections, the opening of this season’s fall extravaganza and the rise of European economic optimism?

Without sufficient reliable data, any affirmation would be unprofessional. Yet, the colours Ferragamo is flying are brighter than ever, and the hike of Italian fashion stocks is driving an upbeat sentiment among Europeans – says me and anyone having eyes to see and, respectively, the specialists. But enough already with the science. Let’s focus on the essential!

Salvatore Ferragamo belt fall 2013

Salvatore Ferragamo belt in one of the colours of the fall-winter season – Sunset, EUR 230

Salvatore Ferragamo Vara bag fall 2013

bag from the iconic Vara Salvatore Ferragamo line, Morning Rose, EUR 590


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Photo source: Salvatore Ferragamo