April 6, 2015

Fashion-surprise Easter eggs!

If chocolatier – the term describing the artisan making chocolate gastronomic and visual works of art – is a word of French origin, the most artistic of today’s chocolatiers are, undoubtedly, Italian. This as Giorgio Armani and Roberto Cavalli have merged the exquisite technique that these confectionery chefs master – following studies at Canada’s Ecole Chocolate, for instance – with their own – clothing and not just – design expertise!

As an expression of the Italian passion for la dolce vita or as an extension of the creative empire each of them has made up from areas of the most diverse – from hotels to cosmetics and from floral arrangements to vodka -, the two have sweets and chocolate lines the sugar and fashion addict can fall back on any day of the year.

And as almost every top designer has, at one point, sponsored the look of an Easter egg for charity, it similarly goes for Armani Dolci and Roberto Cavalli Chocolate. If you can any day order yourself a box of haute chocolat, on Easter the surprise is all the sweeter, as well as more sweetly wrapped up!

fashion Easter chocolate 2


The Armani Dolci bundles of sweets, are as extravagant from the point of view of the taste of the egg-shaped pralines or typically Italian pastry on the inside as they are minimalist on the outside decorations.

A 300 g box of ovetti assortiti/mixed eggs – black chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate – have a price tag of EUR 29. While La Colomba – Easter’s version of what the Panettone is for Christmas – made following the traditional recipe with origins going so far back as the 6th century, with almonds and caramelised sugar – comes in the Armani version at EUR 33.

The Armani Easter can be finished off with a personalised card attached to the package of seasonal treats. Enriched with wonderful dragees with chocolate or chocolate and ginger, whose form references to Easter eggs but also to mere the excellence of Armani Dolci. And be spent anywhere in the world: buying straight from the Dolci locations around the globe – Milan, New York, Dubai, Paris, Copenhagen, Berlin, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur and many other destinations – or from home dolce home. As Armani ships everywhere in the world – from Italy all the way to Turks and Caicos!

fashion Easter chocolate

And if Cavalli chocolate is only available at the Roberto Cavalli boutiques in, for instance, Florence, Saint Tropez, Milan, Delhi or at Harrods London, it sure is worth walking all around the globe for! Aesthetically, of course, – animal print are the only two words necessary for understanding the uniqueness of the Cavalli artisan eggs. But also from the point of view of their taste! What do you choose? Coconut and vanilla, coffee, sesame, mint, chilli pepper, peanuts, cinnamon, walnut, almond or nuts? What should the spice for the taste buds be? One to match up to the fashion for the eyes…

If you can’t make up your mind, maybe you’ll go for gianduia – a hazelnut spread that is uniquely Italian – conceived more than 200 years ago in Turin!

fashion Easter chocolate

And if the two great designers seem to be dominating the fashion market of Easter confectionery and pastry, Italy adds to the fight for the bunny’s attention two more fashion houses. Of a more understated manner, this time. Prada owns 80% of Pasticceria Marchesi. Founded in 1824, on via S. Maria alla Porta 11 in Milan, the Marchesi family business has found in Miuccia Prada’s fashion brand a sort of patron of the chocolate and fluffy dough arts. The integrity and authenticity of its products – from wonderfully painted bunnies to their legendary sweet breads – has been maintained intact.

This while Dolce & Gabbana provide us with a virtual map of artisanal chocolate eggs of the best master decorators in the peninsula: Pasticceria l’Angolino in Cuneo, La Pasqualina in Bergamo or La Bottega del Cioccolato in Florence!

Each of them wonderful Easter eggs! Even if by far not the largest in the world (according to the Guinness World Records, weighing 7 200 kg). And not yet Fabergé!

A happy Easter everyone!


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Photos: swide.com, tgifguide.com, thelovecollage.com, Armani, Roberto Cavalli, Pasticceria Marchesi