April 7, 2014

#fashion #selfie! trends+social media = super-trends

Everything and all happens in New York. And what happens in New York doesn’t stay in New York, but goes around the world in as little as it takes to say ‘’innovation’’. They’re expressions maybe still unuttered by anybody, yet resonating with us all! And the most recent embodiment of NYC world capital meeting NYC fashion capital has a shape and form that would make green with envy  both Silicon Valley and all fashion stores from London to Tokyo and Milan to Rio.

Yet it’s hardly the case, and this is the very beauty of Stylinity! The social media app connecting fashion with the selfie and the online scene with the fascinatingly named Style Stage. But what is a Style Stage? Stylinity’s founder wants us to picture it as a performant photo booth placed right next to… the fitting room. Once in front of the display and high res photo camera played into by lighting placed like for a professional shooting, the all-angles & all-outfits selfie photo shoot is ready to begin. And the pictures, already in the inbox of the shopper, ready to be studied, shared and transformed into gift cards should the photo posted on Stylinity get… a friend to buy something!

Stylinity #fashion #selfie

In other words, social media got where many of us wanted but never dreamt it would get, and all Stylinity really needs to do now is cross The Pond and show us why it says ’’not all selfies were created equal’’!

Stylinity #fashion #selfie


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Photos: wmagazine.com, Stylinity