January 27, 2015


Lately, the designers have turned the slopes into real fashion catwalks! Traditional fashion houses have fulfilled the dreams of winter sports lovers by providing the most spectacular ski (and not only) outfits and accessories. Just have a look!

Here is the video and full English transcript of the featuring Chanel, Moncler, Emilio Pucci, Fendi, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, Bogner & The North Face!

Many times we get the impression that the cold season is equivalent with the ski season. Even if the winter holiday lasts for just a week or two, the ski season can last for months with the right weather conditions. So purchasing winter sportswear that is both fashionable and of high quality should be made with care. The offer is very varied, as the designers invest tremendously in research to come up with products that can successfully meet both functional and aesthetic needs.


In winter, the alpine resorts turn into THE places to go not just for practicing winter sports, but also for being the centre of attention and admiration. Fashion doesn’t go on vacation, not even on the slopes. It’s just that stiletto shoes are replaced by ski boots – warm, but also trendy.


Janina Nectara: Until recently, there was this preconception that on the slope you can look like a supermodel and risk hypothermia, or done a specially-made ski jumpsuit that won’t make you look exactly dolled up, but prove its utility when it comes to the cold and wet.


If during the 1980s, all skiers looked alike, today the snowy slopes have turned into somewhat of a catwalk.


JN: Traditional Houses such as Balenciaga, Fendi or Emilio Pucci that normally design a different kind of fashion, have let this business grow on them by realising its potential, so that today they design winter sportswear.


The offer is very comprehensive and made up of the latest fashion trends tapping into technological innovations. They are functional, comfortable, allow you to move freely, are resistant, highly insulating and, of course, waterproof.


JN: Moncler, as a matter of fact, manufacture this type of clothing since 1952 and have been adding a bit of glam to France’s national skiing team, at the winter Olympics, even to an Alaska expedition from the ’60s.

It’s the only brand specialised in the field that shows it’s creations at the Paris and Milan fashion weeks, and fashion consumers have developed such a crush on the label that its pieces have become must haves not just on the slope, but also in the most important fashion capitals of the world.
Just like for podium shows, it’s accessories that lend character to an outfit, even on the slope. And the technology from The North Face comes with an original type of gloves.


JN: They’re called e-tip gloves and are gloves boasting high technology. Basically, they allow you to use your index finger on the phone or any other type of device using a touch screen, without ever taking them off.

Kask’s helmets are also hard to beat when it comes to innovation. They feature state of the art technical details, like air flow vents or attached sunglasses that can also be used in foggy conditions.


Of course, the tech goes one step further, providing sport lovers with all kinds of methods of immortalising their experience on the slope. Cameras attached onto the helmets or photo cameras built into the gloves, simultaneously filming and snapping pictures.


JN: And if you thought that in order to look like a million dollars you also need to spend millions, there are websites hiring hundreds of models of ski outfits. More than that. They also rent accessories, gadgets with which this gear can be fitted out, even a team of stylists to can help you choose both the right size as well as the most figure-flattering style.


The entire package can be delivered by your hotel door, and the price of the rental for 3 days does not exceed EUR 30.


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Photo: myfdb.com