May 28, 2014

Fashion? It’s child play!

In the spring when the Kardashians launched their very own children’s clothing line – with leopard prints and bomber jackets and all – and when American 8 year olds are waiting to go to Modelling Camp KIDS, it was high time to raise again the question – can kids and fashion really share a playground together?

Alicia Keys, very proud of her 3 year old son and of the personality he shows was totally behind him when he stepped onto the Ralph Lauren runway, just as were Uma Thurman and her own kids who had come to see the latest trends of the age-group. And among the Crawfords, Richies, Bündchens and Beckhams the industry bias is hereditary as well – Kaya, Sofia, Duda, and Romeo and Brooklyn respectively having all already stared in campaigns, while Gisele Bündchen’s niece had such a success that the Brazilian clothing company she has collaborated with asked her to lend her name to a whole little girls’ line.

And in the sector where Burberry’s sales in 2011 were of USD 91 million – a 23% increase over the previous year – the temptations are many! For small princesses creator Oscar de la Renta, the shapers of out of the box tastes Marni or the wizard of kids-couture Lanvin to cultivate their next generation of fans. And for parents to put their wallet where their heart is and see their adorable child dressed like a mini-model, a social media celebrity as a hipster child or even as an all so young designer & entrepreneur. Like Mo Moziah Bridges, who at 12 has a USD 30 000 business dedicated to bowties conceived and manufactured like he was taught by his grandma, who foresees the expansion of the venture into ties, pocket squares and men’s accessories, made an appearance in Oprah Winfrey’s magazine and who also makes a point in reminding us that Ralph Lauren started his business when he was just 10. That is one year younger than when he did.

But between the USD 438 John Galliano little dress, Kids Fashion Week with Little Marc Jacobs and Missoni and the old condemned and banned controversial campaigns – Dolce & Gabbana with the little girl in a bikini top, the 14 year old teen photographed sitting on train tracks wearing Miu Miu or Vogue India’s editorial with children living under the poverty line sporting, for example, a USD 100 Fendi bib – among all of these temptations and ethical traps… Who is to still recognize innocent beauty and tell good from bad?

Yet, the test is actually simple! Is the designer garment at a price worth of Disney just because of its label? Or could it also be passed down to younger siblings? Stella McCartney and her collection dedicated to the Maleficent story- movie are aiming for it. And, most importantly, are these clothes ones the little one would play and we’d have him play in – by many accounts, still the natural activity at that age – or are they rather costumes for their playing the role of someone who – thankfully! – they’re really not?

Still, at the end of the day, kids will be kids, won’t they?

Designers were also kids once. I wonder if they dreamt of their children’s lines from way back then!

How about famous kids of celebrity parents? What – or better said who – brought Brooklyn Beckham, Emme and Max Muñiz (Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s children) or little Egypt (3 years old), Alicia Keys’ son, under the lights of a shooting or on the Ralph Lauren Kids podium?

And Ryker Wixom (4 years old) mini-blogger and mini-style guru at Ministylehacker with his dozens of thousands of Instagram and Facebook fans, what do you think of him?


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Photos:, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana,,,, Pinterest