October 19, 2011

Fashion friends in Paris

Being in Tuscany, surrounded by its rich artistic legacy, made me nostalgic about Paris. But not about the city itself. I actually miss the wonderful people I constantly meet there.

There’s something here, maybe in the air, maybe in my spaghetti plate, that reminds me of late night dinners & drinks, accompanied by fun, spiritual conversations with dear friends.

Thanks to them, I really enjoyed this season’s Fashion Week to the fullest. And how could it be differently, when I shared memorable moments with three the most inspiring fashion personalities of the world’s blogosphere.

Ingrid Chua Go www.thebaghagdiaries.comBryan Grey-Yambao www.bryanboy.com and Tina Craig www.bagsnob.com, I miss your energy!

From Tuscanwith love,


Relaxing dinner in the last night of Fashion Week.

Everybody was dying after Tina’s delicious canard, so we ended up eating her dish as well. Amazingly, she was still smiling.

Ingrid, Bryan and Tina – my favorite team

How can they look so fresh after an exhausting PFW season? I didn’t dare to take off my sunglasses not even in bed.

Love this picture! So warm and friendly!