January 15, 2013

Fashion blogs are all the buzz, fashion forums are the newest buzz

fashion blogging

Fashion blogs are trendy, great fun for blogger and followers, and already an integrant, unimaginably different part of the fashion world and business.

Coming to join fashion blogs, there is a new media. stylezeitgeist.com’s Eugene Rabkin tells The Business of Fashion about a new force, fresh and with valuable advantages, drawing the attention of fashion lovers and designers from altogether the same reasons.

Fashion forums enable a free exchange of ideas, to the point of having become real resources of information on the industry as well as sources of outspoken feedback on the latest collections and trends.

Even more, the specialist says, the open nature of these online fashioning media gotten notorious – The Fashion Spot is the place to be for women’s fashion, while Styleforum is the trendsetter among men’s fashion forums – they offer fresh opportunity for new and young talent.

fashion blogging


Photo sources: tumblr.elle.com, blog.benetton.com