January 28, 2014

Fashion avec Passion, in the blogroll of the beautiful world. Grazie, Peroni Nastro Azzuro!

Peroni Nastro Azzuro

Diario Peroni has had a style makeover! The carefully sartorialised content is just as exciting as we remembered it. And the reediting of its visual concept, clearer and more sparsely elegant, leaves one’s attention fall undisturbed on the stories from the fascinating specific universe that is the Romania alla italiana.

Drawing my attention were the Cucina di Peroni section, with its suggestions, practical details and poetic recommendations for typically Italian afternoons and the sweet art of the farniente as well as the looks into the remarkable lives of the non-Italian Italian of style and soul: the director of the cameral music festival Sonoro, the initiators of a leather objects manufacture or the actor Victor Rebengiuc as a uomo fatale in an Italian made to measure suit!

Diario Peroni proclaims itself as The Journal of Visual Happiness. And we thank it for the perspective! As well as sending many thanks for the words of praise and the including of Fashion avec Passion in the blogroll of the beautiful world!

Janina Nectara Peroni


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Photos: Peroni