April 28, 2015

FASHION, AN INTERGALACTIC SPORT – Janina Nectara for Observator Special

It’s plain to see that sport has become super fashionable these past few years, while fashion, in its own right, became a real intergalactic sport!

Karl Lagerfeld even designed for Chanel a basketball and an American football.
Tommy Hilfiger – limited edition surf boards & Hermès an exclusive EUR 8 000 bicycle ready to help work out your legs & abs over a chic city ride.
But what does it take to be a super model nowadays?! Long legs, skinny body and a pretty face seem not cut it anymore. The secret is to have a truly great talent. Reason why sports’ stars became designers’ newest fashion darlings as well as best paid models.
Unbelievable or not, Messi, according to Forbes (2012), has made USD 20 million from endorsement contracts, while his football income totalled at USD 19 million. It’s clear! The most profitable club is not #FCBarcelona, but rather the #FashionClub!
Dolce & Gabbana & Lionel Messi, Armani & Cristiano Ronaldo, Rolex & Roger Federer are just a few of the most famous collaborations between fashion & sport. A trend that more and more designers seem to be embracing. And we, as well!
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Whoever said that fashion is yet to conquer all fields of activity, was wrong. Granted, spacewalking suits covered in Swarovski crystals are yet to be designed, but there are footballs made by designers. As a matter of fact, these recent years the fashion designers have become increasingly interested in athletes: Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Sharapova are spokespeople for famous brands and have made real fortunes out of it. And what could we say about the already classic David Beckham? Even if it looks like he’s hanged up his boots, he continues being solicited for a great deal of commercials.


It’s plain to see that sport is fashionable, and also that fashion has turned into an international sport. The designers are well aware of the gods of football, tennis or golf’s having millions of fans. And this can only mean one thing for fashion houses – millions of euros in their bank accounts. That is why, of late, the most sought after photo shoot models for international brands’ ad campaigns have not been your run of the mill models, but the sport role models.


Janina Nectara: Forbes magazine has compiled a top back in 2012 highlighting the fact that Messi had made 19 million EUR from football and over 20 million from endorsement deals.

His competitor, Cristiano Ronaldo, practically followed the same path. His football earnings amounted to 20 million over one year, while the campaign he starred in earned him over EUR 22 million.


The king of sports isn’t, still, the only one to inspire the great designers.


reporter: Are there similar examples from other sports as well?


JN: Of course. The collaboration between Roger Federer and Rolex is a famous one. Similarly, Maria Sharapova has very quickly turned into a sort of hanger that an increasing number of famous labels are pinning themselves to. For instance, in all of her games she can be seen wearing Tiffany & Co. earrings, staying hydrated by drinking Evian water, wearing Nike gear.


Reputed brands associate their image with that of the stars of various sports also by striving to provide them with improved equipment.


JN: There are many brands associating themselves with the king of sports. One among these is Versace, which has made Real Madrid’s uniforms. Likewise, Armani has been designing Italy’s national team’s outfits, that of Great Britain was outfitted by Stella McCartney and the examples can go on and on.


The designers have not only gotten involved in the creation of athletes’ clothing lines, but also creatively branched out. This is how the brazuca balls have emerged – particularly the ones launched by Luisa via Roma together with resounding fashion names.


JN: They’re exactly the same balls as the ones used on the pitch, only glammed up to spectacular. And this particular type of brazucas have been auctioned online – their price can reach as high as EUR 500, and the money are being donated to children living in the disadvantaged neighbourhoods of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.


Thus, the relationship between fashion and sport is on a continuous path of evolution. The only sector increasing twice as much as the fashion industry as a whole is, actually, women’s activewear. The designers are well aware of it and taking strides innovatively fulfilling the needs of this tremendous financial impact market void.


JN: Hermès have designed a really chic bike, with impeccable finishings, with shock absorbers and all type of technical accessory. Even Karl Lagerfeld made for Chanel a ball for American football and one for basketball.


To sum up, there are no limits when it comes to fashion. Designers are pinning down the markets with potential and conquering previously fashion-free segments.


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Photos: fashionfollower.com