October 29, 2012

Famous Fashion People World Dress Up For Halloween As Other Famous Fashion People

On Halloween night, you can be anything and anyone. And since being a vampire, Playboy bunny or sexy nurse is so passé, how about a little inspiration from a never-ending source – fashion? Famous people from the fashion industry have already beaten you to it, dressing up on Halloween as…well, other people from the fashion industry.

In 2007, Roberto Cavalli proved he has a sense of humour by giving up his famous designer status for the night, only to become…another equally famous designer: Karl Lagerfeld. King Karl’s considerably more tanned version had the guests of Cavalli’s New York Halloween Ball entertained all night.

Not only is she famous since she was only 13 and by the time she turned 16, was already receiving invitations to attend the most important shows at fashion week and the most stylish parties where heavy names from the fashion industry mingle, Tavi Gevinson also gets to be a muse (and not only for the Mulleavy sisters, the creators of Rodarte). In 2010, Tavi was the inspiration for blogger Bryan Grey Yambao’s Halloween costume. A dorky wig with a pretty hat and large eyeglasses, along with a high dose of Bryanboy’s infectious good humour couldn’t make a better Halloween getup.

And if it wasn’t already enough that young Tavi is present at every important party from the fashion world, in 2010, she managed to show her face in more than one place at the same time: at a totally different party, stylist and reality-show star Brad Goreski managed to perfectly capture the famous teenage blogger’s style with a pair of large specs, an oversize bow in the hair, a cardigan and a pair of sandals with socks.

Like many other celebrities Goreski couldn’t decide on a single costume for the party. Thus, a few hours later, Brad emerged as another fashion figure. This time, it was Anna dello Russo, in one of her signature extravagant outfits, complete with feathers in the hair.

Along with him, designer Prabal Gurung perfectly captured fellow designer Marc Jacobs’ style, in a kilt and military boots.

At the same party – the Lanvin Halloween Extravaganza, not only contemporary fashion celebrities made their appearance. Bee Shaffer, Anna Wintour’s daughter, brought Coco Chanel back to life in a black and white tweed deux-pièces and multiple strands of pearls.

With so many sources of inspiration at your disposal, who do you think you’ll be this Halloween?


Photos courtesy of: fashionologie.com, styleite.com, bryanboy.com