October 15, 2012

Fall’s Most Stylish Jewellery: Dolce & Gabbana

Accessories – they’re the little things that can transform an ordinary look into an extraordinary one. Whether you want to spice up a plain old outfit or turn a casual outfit into an instantly glamorous one, accessories are the way to go.

You should, however, steer clear of shiny trinkets and go for the real thing.

My pick for this season? Dolce & Gabbana: You absolutely cannot go wrong with a piece of jewelry from their Fall/Winter collection.

Inspired by the designer duo’s native Sicily and the religious iconography of the Catholic church, the collection includes gorgeous pieces such as chandelier earrings, pendant necklace and romantic charms.

The fine jewelry pieces, all hand made filigree in 18 karat gold, are divided into five themes, each a true testimate of the designers’ love for their country’s culture and tradition. First, there’s “Confession”, which features Rosary-inspired necklaces, followed by “Devotion”, with pieces adorned with images of Virgin Mary, “Love”, which includes romantic heart-shaped charms, “Family”, with secular icons such as the horseshoe and the four leaf clover, and “Sicily”, a round-up of all the other four themes, meant to draw attention to the fact that in Sicily, devotion, confession, love and family come together as one.

The fine Italian craftsmanship behind each and every piece of the collection guarantees that they are an investment worth making, so hurry up and get your hands on this season’s most chic, sensual and stylish jewellery.


Photos courtesy of: dolcegabbana.com, creoflick.net, llovereligion.blogspot.com