October 22, 2012

Fall Must-Haves: The Valentino Shoes

I must admit – when it comes to shoes, I’m an awful lot like Carrie Bradshaw. Thankfully, I haven’t yet gone into debt to pay for my footwear, but if you take a look in my closet, you’ll find my shoes neatly stacked in individual boxes and carefully positioned in an almost ritual-like manner. Ergo, when it comes to shoes, you’d better take my advice:

If you want to make a splash this season, wear a pair of shoes designed by Valentino. (Or two pairs, or even five – they’re all so beautiful – I dare you to try and pick just one!)

On the Valentino website, you’ll find an interactive showroom, for an experience as close as possible to a real shopping trip. For the current season, there are eight collections for you to choose from:

Catwalk Steps: a collection dripping with elegance, reminiscent of Old Hollywood glamour.

Valentino pumps

Valentino pumps – €1,069

Season Highlights: chic boots and booties, along with open-toe shoes, for a most stylish fall season.

Valentino ankle booties

Rockstud: Rock&Roll studs meet the glamour and femininity of pointy-toe strappy pumps.

Valentino shoes

Valentino shoes – €742

Glamorous Flats: you have no excuse to not look chic even when you don’t feel like wearing sky-high heels, with these sweet ballerina flats.

Valentino flat

Valentino flats – €590
Extreme Tips: you’d think that leather and metal accents create an image of toughness, but you’ll be surprised by how elegant this collection actually is.
Valentino pumps

Valentino pumps – €572

Timeless Heritage: a collection in which the impeccable craftsmanship of the Valentino team reaches haute couture heights.

Valentino boots

Valentino boots – €1,145

Iconic Details: a collection dripping with femininity, with iconic accents, such as lace of the bow motif.

Valentino pumps

Valentino pumps – €494

Unusual Craftsmanship: the name says everything – crystal appliqués, velvet, metallic thread – you’ll find them all in this collection.

Valentino shoes

Valentino shoes – €800

Now I’m sure that I already have you convinced to buy these shoes, but just to make sure that you grab your credit card with one hand and your mouse with the other right this instant, I must tell you that the gorgeous Valentino footwear were a hit at Fashion Week, complementing many fashionistas’ stylish outfits. Famous fashion bloggers, such as Hanneli Mustaparta or Tamu McPherson counted on the unique charm and elegance of Valentino shoes, so what are you waiting for?


Photos courtesy of: lamodellamafia.com, budandleo.blogspot.com, fashionbombdaily.com, blogs.nordstrom.com, athing-of-beauty.blogspot.ro, tensmallpaces.tumblr.com