August 1, 2013

Fair trade fashion makes you literally #‎WearYourImpact for a better world

 The Base Project #‎WearYourImpact

The Base Project is a perfectly balanced mix between what has lately been increasingly fashionable – fashion itself, crafts, ethnic patterns, recycled materials, environment friendly production processes, fair trade and social entrepreneurship.

Confused? The Base Project brings hand made fashion products from developing regions of the world and sells them in the United States and developed world at fair prices, mindful of their artisans and communities of origin.

 The Base Project #‎WearYourImpact

The Base Project bracelets – between USD 22 and 55 – provide artisans from an isolated region of Namibia with additional income for school fees, health care, and food

For instance, bracelets made out of discarded plastic pipes recycled, smoothed out, carved and painted using traditional methods and motifs authentic to the local culture, by members of the Himba and Herero tribes from Kunene region, in Namibia.

A fantastic idea, making people’s lives better. Pretty much like fashion itself, isn’t it?

If, for a change, you want to learn more about how high fashion is contributing to a healthier, more just world with a brighter future, read about Chime for Change, Gucci’s global initiative, and about the impact it is already having in dozens of countries around the world.

And to better see how you can #‎WearYourImpact

 The Base Project #‎WearYourImpact


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Photo source: The Base Project