November 5, 2012

Exceptionally crafted evening clutches, from Cartier

Cartier excels in the art of  jewelries and leather goods. The evening bags collection for 2013 it’s both precious and luxurious like jewelries, and exceptionally crafted. The collection praises the clutch, a bag so elegant and famous that it doesn’t need any presentation.

The small evening accessories are worked in leather macramé, lace and embroidery of fine silver wire. Some of them are lacquered; some have real shells made with the technique of the goldsmith guilloché for a marbled and iridescent effect.

The precious chests have a special closure in sterling silver, with the panther model. Depending on the clutch, they are made of black lacquer or onyx, surrounded by diamonds and semi-precious stones like chrysoprase, and carnelian. This new collection is available in the Cartier Boutiques.