March 27, 2012

Eva Longoria’s beauty ritual

Eva Longoria is a woman admired by both men and women. Therefore, we are curious to know what are the important things she does, when it comes to beauty. In an interview for Allure magazine, she talks about the gestures that help her good looking.

“I wear a lot of TV makeup to work everyday and I can’t wait to get it off when I get home. I wash my face with a cleanser and then I do a whole nightly routine with moisturizer, vitamin C, and lip balm.”

It seems that Eva really loves long, thick lashes. Although she recognized she uses false lashes most of the time, she says she is fond of the mascara with collagen, from L’Oreal Paris, which is one of her favorite products.

As for the rest of the makeup, Eva learned from her makeup artist tips that are useful in her everyday life: “My makeup artist Elan Bongiorno taught me about the importance of blending. She really works the base in and blends colors—shadows, blush, so when people ask me what shade I’m wearing, I’m always like, ‘about ten different things!”

Although you may think Eva would not leave the house without makeup, she says she prefers natural style for the times she doesn’t appear in public, but she also appreciates getting glammed up: “I think it’s a privilege to be on the red carpet—most women get to do it a few times in their life—their prom, wedding—but I experience it weekly.”

Longoria colors her hair dark brunette because it’s natural and effortless, but takes care to use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners to keep it healthy.

In terms of sport, she admits she’s a bit lazy and needs to be stimulated all the time: “”I do weight training and work on muscle tone, but I hate working out so I have a personal trainer who makes me do it.”