July 22, 2013

EUR 3 million, 210 projects, 81 countries and Chime for Change has only just begun!

Chime for Change Gucci

Chime for Change – co-founders of the global mega-initiative, Salma Hayek, Frida Giannini and Beyoncé – have this time not just the great honour, but also the joy of giving voice to million of women and girls the world over, to give thanks to the 50 thousand extraordinary Sound of Change LIVE concert goers and to the approximately 1 billion viewers worldwide that have, all, turned enthusiasm into action.

Chime for Change Gucci Salma Hayek, Frida Giannini Beyoncé

And their collective action led to the raising of over EUR 3 million for 210 projects from 84 non-profit organisations in 81 world countries!

Chime for Change Gucci results

The Sound of Change LIVE was the first charitable concert in history to have provided concert goers with the opportunity to choose exactly where their money went. And Chime for Change is just as determined to lead us all further on this path of awareness, optimism and involvement, by celebrating this success for every girl, every woman, everywhere, with complete and proud transparency of its results.

You can build your confidence in our combined power to change the world by finding out about the precise details of all of the funded projects and get a global view of the geographical and issues impact that you and that billion people were able to achieve!

Chime for Change Gucci results

Chime for Change Gucci results

And if the voice and dreams of girls continue resonating with your ideals of the world, until the next Chime for Change leap forward – as, yes!, this is just the beginning – follow the Chime for Change storytelling platform, continue donating and browse and buy at the Chime for Change shop!


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Photo sources: Chime for Change, Catapult