February 29, 2012

Emporio Armani’s Velvet Revolution Of The Milanese Fashion World

Watch the Emporio Armani Fall/Winter 2012-2013 show here:

The Fall/Winter 2012-2013 for Emporio Armani was “animated by fun, ironic touches, alluding to the roaring Twenties.”

The models strutted down the runway in an unusual manner, not only one by one, but also in doubles, and even in groups of six, donning looks of a certain sensual innocence, with a youthful and fresh twist.

The recurring element of the show was velvet,. Appliqué jackets, knee-length pants, drop-waist dresses, peplum tops, oversized floral brooches adorning necklines and lapels, “garçon”-style shoes, French suspenders and large-brimmed hats came together to create a juvenile silhouette, with an air of infinite youthfulness.

Frilly tops and dresses with fluid movements came together with a series of embroided evening gowns, covering any possible circumstance in which one may need to wear a formal Emporio Armani outfit.

I can already envision how the two rabbit fur jackets appearing alongside one another, one gray, the other in a fiery red tone, will become next season’s key-pieces. The stars of the show were however the fur vests, black or multicoloured, Armani’s recurring hit on the runway.

Accessories for next season include elbow-length gloves, oversized bags and statement jewelry. And in the Emporio Armani presentation, they perfected an imposing look, doubled by chic nonchalance.

If the show has left you with an insatiable thirst for fashion, you can quench it in the Emporio Armani boutique, 60-64 Calea Victoriei in Bucharest. The Spring collection is already available and awaits for you with numerous trendy accessories and a myriad of other fashionable surprises.

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Photos courtesy of: style.com

Video courtesy of: youtube.com