September 21, 2013

Emporio Armani S/S 2014, beauty from the beginnings of time

Click clack, click clack… The music from the Emporio Armani runway could well be the sound of fashion itself, as well as the primordial noise of the pure, primary universe from where the collection’s symbolic creations are stemming from.

Emporio Armani SS14

The shapes are reduced to the essential, in a humanised geometry, while the shades of bright blue, celestial silver and a diluted pink like from an other-worldly dawn have the power of warming a place suspended in time, sensitive to the movement of clouds in the sky and the shuffle of wind.

Emporio Armani SS14

It is a light, imponderable, fragile world, where a subtle floral motif can bring be the start of spring.

Or, more profanely said, where a floral Armani bag can make spring bloom!

Emporio Armani SS14


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Photo source: Armani