January 21, 2015

Emporio Armani FW 2015/2016: The modern-reinvented classic

It’s already a universally-known truth that you can instantly tell when you’re in front of an Armani piece. And it is also obvious that any new collection signed by Giorgio Armani will prove astounding stylistic density and aesthetic references.

Emporio Armani FW 2015/2016

And Emporio Armani fall-winter 2015-2016 definitely restated the laws of elegance. Its palette – black, grey, camel, chocolate, satin gold and silver – was essentially subtle, quintessentially Armani. The timeless, classic quality of the accessories underscored once more the value of statement through understatement pieces: Italian leather gloves matching the rest of the outfit, fur or heavy, luxurious knit collars-scarves and hand-held bags or backpacks made out of flexible, nappa leather.

The shoes, on the other hand, were the first to introduce the innovations of this Emporio Armani collection. The Italian style lace-ups surprise through their rubber trimmings. The boots cut in a clear, traditional vocabulary had their soles turned into a light platform out of contrasting material. All into a play of the conventional embracing the results of Armani’s research into modern materials, reiterated for clothing as well.

Mohair, jersey, leather meet the disconcerting functionality of the maximised zipper. The damier and herringbone pattern are joined by shodô, the art of Japanese calligraphy. All, around the core of what Armani loves best: the impeccable suit – be it with reshaped proportions – or the smart-urban jackets and coats.

Emporio Armani FW 2015/2016

A collection that the front-row in Milan – counting Fernando Llorente and Lukas Podolski, among others –, and not only, appreciated at its unparalleled value.

Emporio Armani FW 2015/2016


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Photos: designsfever.com, Armani