February 29, 2012

Emergency solutions for damaged hair

In the winter women normally use the dryer, curling or flat iron more often than in spring or summer, when they can easily leave the hair dry naturally. But heat damages the hair badly, especially if you don’t pay attention to details. Dying you hair also affects the quality of the hair. Don’t panic, in both cases there are ways to make your hair look and feel better.

Emily Overton, Procter & Gamble specialist, says that when the chemicals in the hair dye or hair bleach penetrate the hair, they destroy the protective lipid layer, responsible for keeping hair healthy and hydrated. That’s why if your hair is colored, you need to apply a steam treatment once a week, which will help your cuticles open and allow the conditioner to penetrate deeply. After shampooing, apply a deep protein conditioner and wrap a turban-style hot towel around your hair. You can heat the towel by putting it in hot water for a couple of seconds. You can try the Repair Treatment from Keune, it has sea proteins. Keep the treatment on for 5 minutes, then rinse.

Hair dryers, curling and flat iron burn the hair’s cuticle, leaving the cortex vulnerable. The Cortex is responsible for the hair’s resistance and color, and when this one is dry it soaks up moisture from air to compensate, causing frizz. If you continue using hot tools on damaged hair, it will eventually thicken and break off. In order to prevent this, apply a heat-resistant product with panthenol, prior to blow-drying, like the one from Gerovital Plant. It will help the heat distribute evenly, and will also nourish the hair. Use a powerful airflow, which reduces the time exposure to heat, but make sure you don’t keep it too close to the hair. If you want to use the flat iron go over each section just once, and cool down the temperature to 180 degrees Celsius if you have thin hair, and to 200 degrees if you have thick hair.


To test how badly your hair is damaged, take a strand and put it in a glass of water. The sooner it sinks, the less protein it has, meaning that is more dehydrated.


 Repair Treatment Keune, 25 $, beautyspell.ro

Hydrating Serum Gerovital Plant, 4 $, icosmetice.ro


Photos: lubomarti.ucoz.ru, goodhairtips.com, revistalunna.uol.com.br